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New Showroom / Demoroom!

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The new Ambler Custom Guitars Showroom and Demo Area is open for business!

Comfy seats, an array of the finest custom built guitars to try out and a selection of world class amplifiers and effects pedals to play with- what more could you want?!

Getting this new area sorted out had been on my list of things to do for some time and in the end it was having the one and only Mr. Charley Hicks come to visit that snapped me into gear and made me pull my finger out. Thankfully, and with a lot of help from the loved ones, i managed to get the showroom finished just before Charley came to visit and film his videos (soon to be on the upcoming YouTube channel).

So, if anyone out there wishes to visit please give me a call to arrange a time and i’ll be sure to have the kettle on and brewing!

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