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New ‘Available Stock’ Page Added

Available Stock Page Now Added!

Hi everyone.

So the way things usually work around here when I start building a guitar is as follows-
I have an idea, I draw a plan, I realise that plan would require witchcraft in order to bring to fruition, I throw that plan in the bin. I draw a realistic plan, I buy the materials and hardware, and finally, I get going.

I share a lot of images throughout the building process on my social media sites, which usually leads to a deposit being placed early on. The guitar is finished and I have the pro shots taken. These shots are then shared with my social media accounts and thats when I get inundated with people asking if the guitar is available, how much for it etc, which leaves a lot of people disappointed.

So, I decided to add a new page to the web site- “Available Stock”. Here I am going to post links to all the instruments currently being made, from ones nearly at the finish line to simple body blanks and exotic wood sets available for use.


From these pages you will either be able to reserve the instruments that have a price tag, or if you see a body blank you like the look of, can take the opportunity to get in touch and discuss the build options with me personally. It will also be possible to view which instruments have already sold or been reserved.

Hopefully this will be a useful feature and also let you see whats going on in the shop!

Kind Regards,

John Ambler.

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