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Junk Yard Dog Collection

Here at Ambler Custom Guitars it is very rare we get the chance to create guitars that are for stock. However over the recent months John has been working around the clock to create stock guitars that he can take to various guitar shows up and down the country. In this weeks blog post we will be taking a closer look at one of the most interesting guitars we build, the Junk Yard Dog.

The Junk Yard Dog takes a classic shape and then does something truly inspiring to it. It is covered in metal and then weathered to create it’s unique look. The process in creating these stunning guitars is a long and complicated one but involves blasting the body wood with a polymer and metal filings mix, as this mix dries the polymer rises and the metal sinks forming a solid sheet of metal over the body wood. Once dried, the polymer is sanded away and then the remaining metal is treated with various salts and acids to create its worn, corroded look. Once the look John has in mind has been reached, he neutralises the acids and then lacquers the bodies to keep the desired patina.

At the moment we have three stunning Junk Yard Dogs in our stock pages.

The first one here is the latest JYD John has finished. It takes two classic designs and smashes them together in something truly magnificent. It has a corroded Verdigris green copper finish over an ash body. The neck is a stunning figured maple which has a gorgeous trans-black stain, is 25″ scale, sports stainless steel frets and an aged ebony fingerboard. The guitar is loaded with some of the finest Telecaster pickups on the planet, a McNelly A5 calibrated signature set and the hardware features a Mastery bridge, Duesenberg Z-tuners and Diamond Deluxe trem.


The second JYD we have available features a truly stunning Iron skin over an ash body with a clear control cavity cover. We have a roasted, figured maple neck, again with a trans-black stain, a bone nut, 25″ scale and a gorgeous African Padauk fingerboard. Loaded with McNelly Firebird pickups, Gotoch tuners, an ABM roller bridge and Duesenberg Les-Trem tremolo, this guitar is capable of being used in many styles of music.


The last Junk Yard Dog we have available is something very unique. This model is the first JYD 7 string and was specially made for The Guitar Show 2019 but is now available to buy. This is another Iron metal skin over Ash with a clear cavity cover. It features an ABM Tom bridge with a string through design, this bridge is a new product from ABM and one of the very few 7 string Toms available. The Macassar ebony neck is slim, 25″ scale, has Gotoh tuners and a Gabon ebony fingerboard. When it comes to electrics this guitar features the awesome Bare Knuckle Crawler pick up set and is also coil tapped through the tone pot. This gives the guitar the ability to do almost any genre from full on metal to beautiful cleans.

You can find these and other models over on our available stock page and if you are interested you can either email us via the contact form or search Ambler Custom Guitars on social media and drop us a message.


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