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The Fenrir

The Fenrir is the latest model to be added to the Ambler Custom Guitars range.

This V gets its name from the mythical child of Loki, FenrisĂșlfr. The giant wolf beast scared the gods and was bound by a mythical fetter to a giant stone, where he would stay until Ragnarok. Then he would be unleashed on the enemies of the Gods.

Raganrok is here, unleash your Fenrir!!

As with all our guitars everything on The Fenrir is customised to you. From wood choice to pickups and tuners.





A master grade Buckeye Burl Top

5A ripple Black Limba body with a neck through design

Wenge, Padauk and Maple multi-laminate neck

Macassar Ebony fingerboard and zero nut

McNelly Ambler Custom Spec high output humbuckers

ABM low profile string through bridge

Gotoh tuners

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