Ambler Custom Guitars – The Fenrir

The Legends write that the God of Mischief, Loki, bore three children to the lady Angrbooa. Jötunheimr, The World Serpent. Hel, appointed ruler of the realm of the same name and finally, Fenrisúlfr. Known to the Gods as Fenrir, the father of wolves. The God’s saw Fenrir as a grave threat to them and tried to bind… View Article


Ambler Custom Guitars – The Salem

Here at Ambler Custom Guitars we love unique. We love creativity and when our customers give us the ideas, we turn those dreams into reality. Just like our latest model, this 7 string “Salem”. I know we are biased, but hot damn is that a good looking guitar. On this premier of the Salem we… View Article


Ambler Guitars – Why Handmade And Boutique?

When it says ‘handmade’ it should be right? Well every guitar here at Ambler Custom Guitars is handmade in house by John. He selects the woods. Draws the templates. Cuts, carves and sands each piece before assembling and creating a truly unique, bespoke product that you would never be able to get on the end… View Article

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