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Ambler Guitars – James Frankland Visits The Showroom

Here at Ambler Custom Guitars we get many folk walk in and out of our doors, either to pick up their custom made guitar or bass, to say hello and have a natter or in the case of James Frankland, to blow our freaking minds!

James first came to the showroom back in November last year with Mike from Britain’s Rare Guitars, to shoot a few videos and has been back many times since. James is a super talented player so we thought we would get to know him a little better.

So James, where abouts are you from and when did you first start playing guitar? “I’m from a place not too far out of Manchester, a tiny little village called Eccleston. I’ve been playing about 16 years, starting at 7 but I wasn’t mega struck with guitar until I was about 14/15. I’m 23 now. When I really got into playing I was really big on Guns N’ Roses and Slash so that was where the real interest came from.”

Where do you take your influence from? And what aspirations do you have? “As far as influences go, its quite a big spread. A lot of session guys really, Shawn Tubbs (guitarist for Carrie Underwood) is my current favourite, but others include Tim Pierce, Nuno Bettencourt, Justin Hawkins and then some of the bluegrass country players like Brad Paisley and Andy Wood. As for aspirations it would be to play for a major label pop/country artist as a side man.”

What are you doing at the moment musically? Are there any bands or projects? “Its all just session based at the minute, there’s a couple of bands I play for, but in hired gun capacity. The thing keeping me busiest at the moment is Instagram where I put up compositions and gear demos.”

It is such a pleasure to see James giving these Ambler Custom Guitars a run for their money and we hope you enjoy the videos he has but together from his visits to the showroom. Please be sure to follow him on social media and YouTube for more incredible playing.

Thank you James.

Instagram @jamesfranklandguitar



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