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Ambler Guitarists Spotlight – Chris ‘Stoff’ Daughton – Witch Tripper

Here at Ambler Custom Guitars you will find some of the most stunning woods and finishes on bespoke, hand crafted guitars in the UK. That doesn’t stop them being formidable work horses used day in, day out on some of the smallest, as well as biggest, stages around the UK and Europe. One of the bands proudly sporting their Amblers on stage are one of the hardest working bands on the scene at the moment, Witch Tripper.

I spoke to Chris ‘Stoff’ Daughton, bassist for Witch Tripper about his relationship with John and the creation of his custom bass. “I have known John for around 3 and half years now. Around the time our guitarist Richie first started using Ambler Custom Guitars. We met in person at a local show we put on and got chatting.”

“I only own one Ambler guitar, my beloved ‘Thunderstoff’. I chose John to build me this bass simply because of his attention to detail, quality and ability to produce the idea in your head onto wood! The relationship between us? Well I would consider John a friend not just a supplier. The intimacy of creating a custom made guitar is many, in depth, personal conversations so that you come out with the what you want. This ties into the feel of the bass. I was, and still am, a long time lover of Warwick basses. I wanted the feel and sound of my corvette, the rock n roll look of a t-bird and my own vibe in it. This doesn’t feel like any other bass I’ve played, simply because I was part of the creative process and John was building something specifically for me.”

I also asked Stoff what he thought about the company and customer service he received. “Oh customer service wise, a million percent perfect! I have had no issues over the past 2 years but I know if I needed anything tweaking, touching up or changing, John would be right on it. I know from working with Richie, and his tendency of wear and tear (and sweat), that he regularly has his guitars serviced, parts changed etc with no hassle”.

Photo Credit – Rich Sayles Photography

Stoffs Icarus Bass has an Ash body with a 3 piece Maple neck, finished in trans-black and is 34″ scale. It has a brass nut, stainless steel frets and a Schaller bridge with open gearing Hipshot tuners. For electronics Stoff loves the bite from his EMG Jazz bass pick ups in his other basses so they were fitted to this one along with the pots and wiring. As with all Ambler guitars, you can customise the Icarus however you would like. The Icarus page has more information regarding the bass if you would like it.

As we said before, Witch Tripper are one of the hardest working bands in the UK racking up an impressive amount of gigs a year, 76 last year, as well as writing and recording and performing in a cover band as well. You can find all the information on the band here –




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