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Ambler Custom Guitars – The Fenrir

The Legends write that the God of Mischief, Loki, bore three children to the lady Angrbooa. Jötunheimr, The World Serpent. Hel, appointed ruler of the realm of the same name and finally, Fenrisúlfr. Known to the Gods as Fenrir, the father of wolves.

The God’s saw Fenrir as a grave threat to them and tried to bind him in fetters three times. The first two Fenrir broke free from, his strength growing beyond measure. The last fetter was fashioned by the dwarves from several mythical ingredients. Fenrir scoffed at the thin band of silk but as the god Týr laid it about his neck it bound him. Such was the shock and fear in Fenrir he clamped his jaws around the gods arm and snapped the hand away. The gods inserted the cord through a large stone slab and drove it deep in to the ground with Fenrir tethered to it. He would stay there until the Ragnarok.

Ragnarok is here.

The Fenrir has been unleashed!

When it comes to picking model names, John certainly knows how to pick them!! The latest model to join the Ambler Custom Guitars line up is aptly named The Fenrir. A mythical beast even the gods were scared of! This guitar is straight out of the Ragnarok and even the mighty Thor would have trouble taming it!! Lets delve a little deeper in to the specs on this particular version.

The top, is master grade Buckeye Burl which has been finished with a trans black stain and is sitting on a 5A ripple Black Limba body. The neck through design featuring Wenge, Padauk and Maple is a multi-laminate affair with a chevron cross hatch design that sits under the pickups and bridge. Macassar ebony fingerboard with stainless steel frets and a zero nut offers ultimate play ability.

For pickups, we have a set of McNelly Ambler Custom Spec high output humbuckers with a ABM low profile string through bridge and Gotoh tuners. As with every guitar we make here, woods, hardware, colour and finish can be customised to your individual taste and spec.

This is a truly stunning piece of art, yes I know what your thinking, “your biased.” Well of course we are but we challenge anyone to go and find something as fierce as this on the current market!

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